Over the years, we have designed and developed hundreds of instructional and informational programs and materials. To provide you with a sampling of projects that either Sage Interactive or its founders have designed and/or developed, we have organized these projects into the four categories represented by the buttons below.

Click on a button below to select a delivery medium, then scroll down to view the custom products that we have designed and/or developed.

Arnowitz Studios

  • Biology Course Help and Guided Tour (disk-based)
  • This Help program was developed for a multimedia biology course used by high school teachers. The system uses a pull-down Help menu with selections listed both alphabetically and by media type. Because the program introduces teachers to new technologies and teaching approaches, this Help program supports a particularly wide array of support concepts and techniques.

Bay Networks

  • 10/100 Ethernet Autosense Marketing Tutorial (CD-ROM)
  • Affordable Switching Marketing Tutorial (CD-ROM)
  • Basics of Switching Guided Tour (CD-ROM)

    This CD-ROM based guided tour was designed to teach novice systems administrators to understand the basics of switching in LAN, WAN, Internet, and intranet environments. A separate module uses scenario-based sample situations to underscore the relevance of the concepts being taught. The program incorporates voice-over narration, numerous animations with sound effects, QuickTime Virtual Reality, and Adobe Acrobat files. We translated the CD-ROM into Japanese (Kanji) and Chinese (Mandarin) in addition to English, and it was distributed at no charge to tens of thousands of Bay Networks prospects and customers worldwide.

  • High-Performance Ethernet Marketing Tutorial (CD-ROM)
  • Speed and Reliability Over the Wireless Internet (Internet-based)

    This Flash-based marketing tutorial teaches the basics of wireless Internet access while introducing the learner to the particular strengths offered by's technology.

California State Automobile Association (CSAA)

  • Getting to Know CSAA Products and Services (CD-ROM)

    The "Getting to Know CSAA Products and Services" CD-ROM is a branched tutorial and knowledge support program that was designed for all employees to complete in the company's learning centers. It employs narration, animations, numerous practice exercises, and a computer tracked and scored pretest and post test.

Charles Schwab & Co.

  • Fraud and Compliance Course Series (intranet-based)

    This course series covers the complexities of fraud, money laundering, OFAC, and compliance requirements for representatives and supervisors. Using a scenario-based training motif, this 6-hour course series includes numerous decision points and a game-based pre/post test.

  • Schwab Retirement (CD-ROM)

    This Flash-based animated course introduces Schwab employees to the size and needs of the retirement market while covering the benefits of saving for retirement years.

  • Using SchwabLink Tutorial (disk-based)

    This tutorial with associated linear guided tours trains investment managers to use SchwabLink, an online investment tool. The CBT program employs interactive simulations of the product in a highly graphical user interface.

Chevron Corporation

  • Structural Geology School Structural Curvature Analysis Technique (CD-ROM and intranet-based)

    Performed analysis, instructional design and interface design for a CD-ROM based course that teaches geologists to read plotter output from dip meters dropped into bore holes to identify structural formations underground.

Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC)

  • Professional Development for Teachers (Internet-based)

First Nationwide Bank

  • High Performance Checking Product Line Tutorial (mainframe-based)

Hewlett-Packard Company
  • HP2 = Hewlett-Packard Honors Privacy (intranet-based)

This course teaches the corporation’s employees about the importance and process of ensuring that customer privacy rights are honored. The comprehensive course employs animated graphics and interactive exercises to reinforce the learning objectives.

  • Respecting Privacy at HP: Employee Data Protection (intranet-based)

This course covers employee privacy issues and processes, including laws, regulations, and recommendations utilizing statements, case studies, and sample situations. Learners are required to complete a pre-test before entering the course and must successfully complete the post test to gain credit and receive a completion certificate.

Intel Corporation
  • Profit and Loss Application Training (disk-based)


  • CatSmart Consumer Driven Shopper Tutorial (Internet-based)

Macromedia, Inc.

  • Action 3.0 Guided Tour (disk-based)

    This guided tour ships with Macromedia's Action for Windows presentation software product. The tour is designed to take new users through a conceptual and procedural overview of the product's features and functions. The tour employs numerous graphics, sounds, and animations to emphasize the product's capabilities.

Nokia Display Products, Inc.

  • Nokia Monitors marketing (CD-ROM)

Oracle Corporation

  • Oracle Learning Architecture (OLA) Sample Tutorial (Internet-based)

Pacific Bell Directory

  • ADS/Selling Guided Tour (CD-ROM)

  • This guided tour introduces the Pacific Bell Directory sales team to the benefits and processes of using the ADS/Selling customer database. Using a “highway to success” theme, the dashboard of the simulated car houses all the “controls” needed to run the tour; including items such as a working radio, horn, and turn signals in addition to stop, go, forward, and reverse directions for running the tour. Throughout the guided tour, a voice-over narration walks the learner through the database while an animated cursor highlights key points and transitions through the application screens and steps.

Prentice-Hall Publishing

  • The BASIC Teach Program (disk-based with manual)

    The Teach Program series of disk-based CBT tutorials was the first commercially marketed CBT programs for the newly released IBM personal computer. Published by Prentice-Hall, the products included in-depth written tutorials in workbooks and step-by-step hands-on practice through the accompanying diskettes. A proprietary authoring system was used to create the disk-based tutorials.

  • The Dbase II Teach Program (disk-based with manual)
  • The IBM PC Teach Program (disk-based with manual)
  • The XT/2.0 Teach Program (disk-based with manual)


  • Time Line 2.0 Tutorial (disk-based)

University of California Berkeley Extension

  • Essentials of Marketing Course (Internet-based)

    Sage Interactive designed and produced a 30-hour web-based course entitled “Essentials of Marketing” for U.C. Berkeley Extension. The unique online course incorporates pull-down menus, interactive exercises, web-savvy graphics, animations, narration, and sound effects; plus links to relevant web sites, threaded discussions, chat, email, notepad, and much more.


  • Fraud Chargebacks Course (intranet-based)
  • The Fraud Chargebacks Course is an 8-hour online course that Visa member banks access through Visa’s intranet. The goal of the course is to help decrease the banks’ fraud losses due to inadequate use of the Visa dispute management process. The course is highly interactive and includes many case studies, practice exercises, and a mastery test in the form of a board game. There are also several animated process flow diagrams with voice-over narration describing complicated, multi-step processes. Other course features include a site map, online help, a listing of other resources, a progress indicator, pop-up definitions of glossary terms, and a Quick Guide to refer to as an on-the-job reference tool after training is completed.

  • Cardholder Risk Identification Service (CRIS) 2.0 Course (CD-ROM)
  • Visa Center for Learning Knowledge Support System (client-server based)
  • Visa Center for Learning is an online knowledge support system providing information about Visa products and services to all Visa employees. It has a highly graphical user interface with search capabilities allowing users several methods to quickly and easily find the information they require. Animated flow diagrams are provided to illustrate transaction processing. The program was designed to run in a worldwide client-server environment.

Wells Fargo Bank

  • CIX - Automated Clearing House System Tutorial (mainframe-based)
  • Vector 5 - Customer File Inquiry System Tutorial (mainframe-based)
  • Wells Fargo Bank Automated Systems Knowledge Support System (intranet-based)

24 Hour Fitness

  • New Hire Orientation
Breakthrough Software
  • Time Line 2.0 Workshop

Chevron Corporation

  • Developing Multimedia-based Training Workshop Series

    This workshop series covers six modules. Titles developed and presented include: Multimedia is a Team Effort, Instructional Design, Instructional Development, Project Management, Interface and Graphic Design, and Digital Video/Audio Production.

Computer Associates

  • DOS and Batch File Training

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

  • Microsoft Office Products Training (EDS/Levi Strauss)
  • Microsoft Office Support Services (EDS/Nestlé)

The Healthcare Forum

  • Computer Camp for Healthcare Executives

Levi Strauss & Co.

  • Microsoft Office Products Training (EDS/Levi Strauss)

Multimedia Development Group (MDG)

  • Series of workshops for international clients

    This series of workshops teaches participants about multimedia and web-based instructional technologies.

Nestlé Beverage Company

  • Microsoft Office Support Services (EDS/Nestlé)

Oracle Corporation

  • High Availability for Sales Consultants

Pacific Bell Directory

  • ADS/Selling Software Training
  • Champion Customer Service Workshop

    The Champion Customer Service Workshop is a highly interactive 2-day workshop that has been implemented in several departments within Pacific Bell Directory. Participants are challenged with exercises, role plays, and entertaining "goodies" that reinforce the importance of providing excellent customer service. They are also given specific steps that can make a difference in customer satisfaction and ultimately the company's bottom line. A fully scripted leader's guide is provided allowing staff trainers to deliver the training. A separate job aid booklet is provided for participants to use on-the-job.

  • National Yellow Pages System Standing Order File Training
  • Negotiating Skills Workshop
  • Understanding Our Business Workshop

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

  • Building a Successful Multimedia Business Seminar Series

Sun Microsystems

  • Preparing for the Next Century: The Y2K Issue
  • Ariba Upgrade Workshop Series
  • Cardholder Risk Identification Service (CRIS) 2.0 Workshop

Wells Fargo Bank

  • Bank To The Future: Introduction of New Consumer Checking Line
  • Barclay Branch Operations Acquisition Training

  • Cash Accounting Training for New Hires
  • Crocker Branch Operations Acquisition Training

  • How to Better Manage Your Money Workshop (translated into Spanish)
  • Management Communications Workshop
  • Online Deposit System User Training
  • Retail Outlet Automation Operator Security Training
  • Savings and Investments Workshop (translated into Spanish)

24 Hour Fitness
  • Club General Manager Training Manual
  • New Hire Sales Training Manual

  • Personal Trainer On-Boarding Program
Bank of America
  • Branch Operations Officer Training Program Series
  • Loan Officer Training Program Series
Bay Networks
  • Internet Configuration Guide
Breakthrough Software
  • “Adventures in the Vineyards” Time Line Tutorial

    “Adventures in the Vineyards” is a unique audiocassette tutorial that follows a novelette approach to teaching users to master a software-based project management product. Set in the vineyards of Northern California, the tutorial storyline follows the increasingly difficult scheduling needs of a winemaker while the learner uses the computer-based application to develop and manage a baseline schedule.

CMR Publishing, Inc.
  • DailyLog 2.0 User’s Guide

    This user manual covers both conceptual and procedural information for a Windows-based construction management software product. The manual covers an up and running section, a reference section, troubleshooting documentation and a tutorial. Visual sidebar hints, notes and cautions provide additional useful commentary and support.

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
  • Microsoft Office Suite Online Documentation (EDS/Nestlé)
Nestlé Beverage Company
  • Microsoft Office Suite Online Documentation (EDS/Nestlé)
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
  • PG&E Hazard Communication Program and Training Manual
  • Advanced DB Master Tutorial
U.S. Army
  • Calculating Demolition Charges Technical Manual
  • Constructing a Universal Trestle Bridge Audio/Visual Program
  • Defusing Domestic Disturbances Audio/Visual Program
  • Launching a Ribbon Bridge Audio/Visual Program
  • Legal Decision Making: Court Martials vs. Article 15 Manual

    This paper-based course incorporates comprehensive descriptions of scenario-based sample situations that teach superiors how to identify logical examples of legal measures ranging from non-judicial punishments to Article 15s and court martials.

  • M102 Howitzer Crew Maintenance Technical Manual
  • M109 Howitzer Crew Maintenance Technical Manual

    These manuals were developed for the U.S. Army Field Artillery School to support crew maintenance of the M102 and M109 Howitzers. The manuals contain many laminated job aids which are conveniently attached to the howitzers and use graphics to step the crew through the maintenance procedures. Side bar notes and cautions further support safe and accurate maintenance of the cannons.

  • Responding to Hostage Situations Audio/Visual Program
U.S. National Guard
  • Safety Hazard Analysis Manual
University of Hawaii
  • Basic Tennis Techniques Video
  • Greater Island Videotape Exchange (GIVE): Pacific Basin Informational Exchange Program
  • Welcome to Maui Community College Video
  • Visa Business Directory Tutorial
  • Visa Cash Service Activation Guide
  • Visa FeatureSelect Implementation Guide
  • Visa FeatureSelect Web Application User’s Guide
  • Visa FeatureSelect Web Service Client Developer’s Guide
Wells Fargo Bank
  • Branch Reference File - Branch Operations Procedures

    The Branch Reference File is an innovative approach to documentation and training of banking procedures. The Branch Reference File contains a series of colorful, visual process flow diagram cards which were used for retail branch operations training for the Wells Fargo - Crocker Bank merger. The Branch Reference File was also used as the reference tool for branch operations procedures in Wells Fargo branches.

  • Community Support Campaign Training Manual
  • Retail Outlet Automation Document Printer Training Manual
  • Retail Outlet Automation Personal Banker System Training Manual
  • Retail Outlet Automation Printer and Keyboard Documentation
  • Wells Electronic Banking System (WEBS) Enhancement Training Manual
  • Wells Fargo Foundation Policies and Guidelines

Breakthrough Software
  • Time Line Marketing Brochure
  • Breakthrough Software Training Newsletter
Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Schwab Margin Exceptions Application Interface Design and Specifications
  • Schwab Risk Client Application Interface Design and Specifications
The Digital Village
  • Digital Village Implementation Plan

    The Digital Village is an award-winning and unique newmedia development environment where the functions of work and learning are integrated in a single setting. Initiated by Sage Interactive, the planning partnership was composed of the President of the College of Marin, the President of the Autodesk Foundation, the President of the North Bay Multimedia Association, and a Partner from Sage Interactive.

First Republic Bank
  • Improving Employee Performance Bank-wide Training Needs Assessment

Kaplan Learning
  • SAT, LSAT, and CMAT Online Testing Design Parameters and Interface
Novato Unified School District
  • District Long-Range Strategic Plan

    Using notes provided by the District school board, we developed a highly readable 5-year District long-range strategic plan that focuses on inculcating technology, embracing community, and developing governance structures and responsibilities.

San Rafael Public Schools
  • District Technology Plan
Wells Fargo Bank
  • General Ledger Operations Front-End Analysis
  • Disabled Customers Marketing Brochure
  • Exception Item Services Needs Analysis
  • Problem Analysis and Resolution: Adding Additional Signer to Existing Account
  • Process Analysis: Bank-wide ATM Deposit Process
  • Retail Delivery System Training Support Strategy
  • Retail Outlet Automation Operations Training Strategy for Retail Branches
  • Year 2000 (Y2K) Issue Express Banking Preparedness Analysis

  • Wells Fargo’s Guide for Small Business Owners